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Yellow Jacket Air Conditioning Tools

At AirconWarehouse, we can offer you the full range of Yellow Jacket air conditioning tools & equipment:

Yellow Jacket Gauges, Vacuum Pumps , Gauge Lines/Hoses, Vacuum Pump , Recovery Units etc

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Air Conditioning News - Car A/C

Air Conditioning News - Car A/C

Summer 2020 - now is the time to get your car, coach or lorry air conditioning looked at!
Envatech AirConWarehouse specialise in ALL types of vehicle air conditioning - None of our SPECIALIST aircon engineers (not tyre fitters!) have to use automated machines to empty/vacuum/re-fill you vehicle's climate or air conditioning system - this means we can work on any kind of car a/c system including all Hybrids, ALL FULLY ELECTRIC cars & all vehicles with combination DX & Chilled Water arrangements like some Tesla's etc.

It always makes us smile here at AirconWarehouse when we hear some of the "technical facts" our customers are getting told about their car's air conditioning / climate control systems so it's time, once again, to debunk some vehicle air conditioning myths,

Car Aircon Myth 1 "The refrigerant in your car wears out & needs replacing every year...."
Err... no, it doesnt. FACT - The refrigerant in your car sometimes LEAKS out & needs replacing once the leak has been found - it shouldn't, but it does.

Car Air Conditioning Myth 2 - "your vehicle's air conditioning needs servicing using a "special additive" to keep it working properly...."
Err... No! FACT: you need to change the pollen filter (ideally 6 monthly) and add refrigerant gas only if the system performance is noticeably affected. NEVER let anybody put "leak sealers" or "performance enhancers" in you car air conditioning system - if the manufacturer didnt put it in at the factory, dont let some "expert" put it in at a roadside garage...!

If you have ANY questions about your Car, Coach, Lorry or Bus air conditioning system, please call us on 08450 944 607 - our advice is both expert & free.

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